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Why Ambivent’s Team Use SFG20

Ambivent Facilities Management uses SFG20 to support our growing client base and commitment to gold standard service delivery. The Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) launched the SFG20 in 1990. It quickly became recognised as the industry standard for building maintenance specifications. Over the years, SFG20 has become the go-to tool for building owners, facilities managers, contractors, and consultants.

What Is SFG20?

With a constantly growing and evolving library, SFG20 is a web-based service that currently has more than 1200 maintenance schedules featuring information on over 70 equipment types. This unique and innovative tool saves Ambivent and our clients time, energy, and money while ensuring we’re delivering a fully compliant service.

As we’re all aware, the work of facilities and maintenance teams is growing in complexity. Managing and maintaining buildings requires far more technical knowledge and skills than simply complying with regulations. There is a growing emphasis on saving time, sticking to a budget, and assisting businesses in achieving their energy-saving and carbon-reduction objectives. With an ever-growing portfolio of clients, spanning a large number of sectors, Ambivent subscribes to SFG20 to ensure that all maintenance is carried out according to the latest legislation and best practice. 

How Does The SFG20 Benefit Us & Our Clients?

With legal compliance at its heart, SFG20 provides the definitive standard for planned building maintenance. The system is continuously monitored and updated by a team of experts to ensure that it covers the latest legislation. SFG20’s extensive library of over 1200 dynamic and adjustable maintenance schedules for a wide range of property assets, encompassing all areas of a facility and its operation and reflecting industry best practises, including COVID guidelines on over 600 schedules.

Our Managing Director, Steve Dudson says: “The SFG20 solution is trusted by organisations for managing planned preventative maintenance regimes. Ambivent, and our customers, recognise SFG20 as the industry standard for maintenance specification.” Steve Tomkins, Head of Business Development for SFG20, explained that busy facilities teams can use the service’s dynamic schedules as a tool to ensure their buildings are compliant with legislation, evolving maintenance best practices, and regulations.

Facilities teams are facing one of the most challenging periods in our working lives. Building managers have had to mothball buildings while ensuring they remain compliant with the law and with legal and insurance requirements. Maintenance and facilities teams have supported small groups of occupants or been responsible for essential buildings such as hospitals, often working with much smaller teams themselves. To add to this, improving air quality is now, rightfully, high on the agenda. 

SFG20 ensures facilities teams have the right tools to support us in this ever-changing scope of work. In 2021, SFG20 has significantly expanded its content, with 700 schedule version revisions plus the creation of 60 new schedules. This has helped our team at Ambivent to continue delivering exceptional customer service to all our clients.

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