Facilities Management

5 Ways Facilities Management Supports Core Business Activities

Having a reliable and professional facilities management team is essential to support your business and keep operations running smoothly.

Your core business departments, despite their differences in focus, are all held together by the things that they have in common. This could be the on-site facilities in your office buildings, your technology requirements, or your health and safety procedures. To keep all these things ticking over and ensure everyone is on the same page, you need a good facilities management team.

What Are Facilities Management Services?

Facilities management services hold together the infrastructure of your business. They are everything from cleaners to IT specialists who are on hand to fix an issue when it occurs. 

Because of the varied roles within facilities management, you may have a mixture of off-site and on-site teams. The core function is to ensure that the business runs smoothly behind the scenes so that your front-line staff can continue with their job in a safe and pleasant environment. 

Why Is Facilities Management Crucial To Businesses?

There are many ways in which facilities management services can support your business.

Health & Safety

The safety of your employees should always be paramount in running your business. Everyone from your front-line callers to your senior management needs to be fit and healthy for your business to stay afloat. 

Facilities management services can provide regular maintenance checks to ensure the fire safety procedures are adhered to and that all fire alarms and doors are in proper working order. They also assess the building and point out any safety or trip hazards.

Many people forget that cleaning the building is also a health and safety requirement to ensure that bugs and germs don’t build up. Having a good cleaning presence on site will help you to keep your building spotless and put your staff at ease.

Repairing & Maintenance

Wear and tear is something that happens to every business environment over time, and you need to ensure you keep on top of it. 

A facilities management team should be available to make repairs to a building both aesthetically to impress your visiting clients, and from a health and safety perspective to protect your employees. This could be anything from repairing a floor tile, fixing the aircon, or putting up new desks for your expanding team. 

Technology Functionality

The technology you use in your business must work the way you need it to. This goes for everything from computers, wiring, and electronics, to selecting the right refrigeration units or coffee machines. 

Technology specialists can be on hand to help you select the best options for your business environment in the most cost-effective way. They will also help to maintain and replace the equipment where necessary and arrange for regular PAT testing to ensure your machines are safe to use.

Waste Management

In a busy building, you’re bound to have lots of waste from customers and staff and you must remove this as often as you can to stop your workplace from attracting pests and to maintain a professional appearance to your customers. 

Facilities management services can arrange for regular waste collection and provide more environmentally friendly recycling schemes to help you stay green.


Making a consistent profit is essential as a business. There are certain costs that people don’t consider when they start a business. Even though they may be minor, they all add up. Most business owners won’t take into consideration the costs of tea and coffee facilities for break rooms, the stationary needed or the ink for the printer. A facilities management team can look at your costs and ensure that you’re always being as cost-effective as possible with your outgoings.

At Ambivent, we understand how important it is to keep your business running smoothly so we’re always on hand to offer a range of services to keep you ahead of the game. Contact us to discuss service and maintenance or breakdown response quotes on 01604 645788 or visit our website and see our facilities management services today.